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About me

Incredibly I’ve been in practice for 40 years! Initially I was a radionics practitioner, but homeopathy was always my first love. One day I found myself ignoring the radionic device and reaching for my notepad to take the patient’s symptoms. I felt I’d got back on to the right path.

A few years ago I started working online instead, preferring the video contact rather than just: telephone. Working from home meant flexibility with appointment times and distance was no object, and nowadays online work is widely accepted. Also, through Homeopathy 24/7 I have the pleasure of working with patients internationally!

I like to make you feel comfortable so you can readily tell me why you’ve come to me, and I encourage you to tell me as much as you can of ‘the story behind the story’, till the point where I feel I’ve really understood where the problems lie – and often you feel it at the same moment. Then we have real contact, and often then the recovery begins.

When not at work I enjoy music (though have not been playing the piano much recently, and the organ hardly at all sadly) and also our walks in the Lake District (where this photo was taken, by Derwentwater).

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