• We spend more time with you.
  • And we listen, really listen!
  • We want to understand you and your symptoms.
  • We ask ‘What is the reason for your appointment today?’
  • We want to know how you describe your problems, in words and gestures. We want to know the details of your story, to find symptoms that don’t usually go with your illness but are perhaps strange and certainly individual to you.
  • We take into account the picture of you as a whole – now, and also your past.
  • We select a remedy that’s matches your individual symptoms.
  • Our remedies are more energy than substance, and they don’t have side-effects.
  • We give the remedy, you do the healing and regain your health!


It’s of great help in getting to understand you if we have a ‘timeline’ of your life from the very beginning up till the present moment. We even like to know about your relatives and earlier generation, to see if there’s a pattern in your family’s health or problems.

Because we want to understand your whole story, we’re not like specialists who focus on just one part of you: we take into account the whole picture. Then the next task is to match your symptoms to a remedy that matches them really closely. The idea is to find a remedy that is very similar to your illness (a ‘homeopathic’ remedy) rather than a medicine that acts in a different way (‘allopathic’ medicine). We find that prescribing such similar remedies helps your body to finish what it started but got stuck and so you became ill.

Our remedies are very subtle – they are energy rather than substance, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in them. It may be impossible to see (like electricity) but the effect of the right remedy can most certainly be felt! And sometimes a single dose can be effective for months.

The aim is not to make you dependent long-term on treatment, but rather to give you enhanced vitality so that you are empowered to lead a more active and satisfying life. Great changes can come from very small doses – and the experience of being really understood and given time and attention and recognition!